Everline ST48-865-SS 12W 4ft LED Sign Tube 6500K

SKU ST48-865-SS
Product Description:
Brand: Universal Lighting Technologies
Series: Everline
Part Number: ST48-865-SS
Wattage: 12W
Lumens: 1360
Efficacy: 113 Lm/W
Lumen Maintenance: L70>140Khrs
Color Consistency: <4 SDCM
Color Temperature: 6500K
Input Voltage: 24VDC
CRI: 82
Length: 4ft 
Rated Hours: 140,000
Safety: UL8750, RoHS Compliant
Warranty: 5 Years

24V Constant voltage product allows for simple class II wiring.
90° Adjustable RDC style endcaps for correct lamp orientations.
Ideal for Vertical or Horizontal installation.
Utilizes the same spacing as standard fluorescent systems.
12” on center spacing
As close as 5” to the sign face.
Designed for daisy-chain or parallel wiring.
Up to 60% more efficient than fluorescent systems at over
340lm/ft delivered to the sign face for bright and even illumination.
L24V100UNV-A or L24V100UNV-Q 100W power supply.