Morris Products 57320 Tone Generator and Probe

by Morris
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Tone Generator and Probe features include:
Wire Tone Generator identifies the state in the working telephone line (clear, ring, busy) within a group
Designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging insulation
Identifies polarity of a telephone line
Trace & identify wires in a bundle, at a cross-connect point or remote end
Can identify split pairs when one wire from a pair has been terminated
Used to send or trace a tone
Use on twisted pair wiring (telecom/datacom), single conductors
coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring, & most other wiring
The probe identifies the signal from the tone generator through drywall, wood & other non-metallic materials
Continuity test
Adjustable sensitivity/volume control to increase accuracy
Recessed On/Off button prevents battery drain.
Send tone frequency: 1.5KHz, Receives frequency range: 100~300 KHz
Wire Tone Generator Size: receiver 9.4" x 1.7" x 1”, emitter 5.7" x 1.4" x 1”
Weight: receiver 3.7oz., emitter 4oz.
Power: 6F22(9V)x1
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