Plantmax PX-MH1000/LU/7200 1000 Watt Metal Halide Conversion Grow Lamp

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SKU PX-MH1000/LU/7200
Plantmax Conversion series lamps allow the grower to use the same fixture or ballast for different stages of plant growth.  The Plantmax Conversion 1000W PX-MH600/LU runs with a 1000 watt S52 HP Sodium ballast, yet produces 7200K metal halide light ideal for vegetative growth.

Brand: Plantmax
Part Number: PX-MH1000/LU/7200
Metal Halide Shape: BT37
Metal Halide Base: Mogul (E39)
ANSI Code: S52
Color Temperature: 7200K
Initial Lumens: 110,000
Rated Initial Lumens: 96,000
Warranty: 1 Year
Life Hours: 10,000
Dimensions: Length = 11.50"