Waterfront LED Hand Blown Art Glass Semi Flush Mount

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The cool, soothing tones of our Waterfront Series will give a tranquil feel to any room in your home or office. Large plates of Favrile Art Glass are hand blown in concentric waves of aquamarine and sliver on a clear background. Because the Favrile Process embeds the color within the glass itself, no 2 pieces are exactly alike. This means that yours is a one of kind work of art. Each of the plates features a gently ruffled edge, giving the feel of a delicate blossom. The plates hang from a sleek canopy and 3 gently curved support rods. Perfect over a casual dining table or used as a pretty ceiling fixture in an entryway or bedroom, our Waterfront Series will be the perfect final change in any room that will provide your family with years of pretty, reliable lighting.