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Cooper OS310R-W LED White Occupancy Sensor Dual 3-Way Switch Nightlight

by Cooper
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Product Specifications:
Brand: Cooper Wiring Devices
Part Number: OS310R-W
Color: White

The Copper Wiring SAVANT dual relay sensors are the perfect solution for single-point control of two loads from one location and offer unmatched flexibility with nightlight, universal load, and wiring compatibility, and numerous mode features. This Occupancy Sensor Dual Switch uses advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to sense the movement of heat-emitting bodies. It provides Auto-on/Auto-off or Manual-on/Auto-off operation. This sensor automatically turns lights off after a space becomes vacant and a preset time delay elapses. The dual switch feature allows for the control of two different loads from a single location. It provides single-pole (single-location) and 3-way (multi-location) wiring and works with all lighting load types (INC, MLV, ELV, FLR, CFL, LED). A selectable and dimmable LED nightlight is provided. The Cooper OS310R sensor is compatible with any decorator-style or decorator screwless wallplate.

Can be wired as a Single-Pole or 3-Way device
Selectable ON/OFF LED nightlight with press and hold dimming function
Works with all load types: Incandescent, Magnetic or Electronic Low- Voltage, Fluorescent, CFL and LED
Contains two switches to control two independent lighting loads or circuits (light and/or fan)
Green LED indicates load status, provides locator light in dark and blinks to indicate motion detection
Push pad design provides minimal travel and crisp actuation
Selectable time delay of 5 seconds (test), 5, 15 or 30 minutes for lights to remain on after room is vacated
Time delay default set to 5 minutes
Provides a selectable ambient light override preventing lights from switching ON when there is natural light
Uniform color matched PIR lens to device housing
Replaces a standard light or fan switch
Allows toggle between Auto-on/Auto-off or Manual On/Auto-off mode with a press and hold of switch
Provides 180 degree field of view and 1000 square feet of major motion.
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