175 Watt Mogul M57/O BT28-P Protected Lamp

This lamp is rated for OPEN RATED fixtures
If the lamp will be totally enclosed within a UL listed fixture, then an enclosed rated lamp is acceptable. If the lamp will be exposed during usage, then this open rated lamp must be used. Open rated lamps can be used in open or enclosed fixtures and are safer lamps. MP lamps are protected and self-extinguishing in case of failure.

Product Details:
Manufacturer: Howard/Radiant Lite
Base Type: Mogul
MOL (in): 8.31
Type: BT28
Wattage: 175 watts MH
Lumens: 14,400
Color Temp: 4200 K
Burn Position: Base Up
Light Bulb Life (hours): 10,000+
Case Size: 12