250 Watt M58 Multi Volt Ballast & Mogul Bulb ED28

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SKU RL1017-MH250-71C-MOG
Metal Halide Ballast and Bulb Kit
Ballast Model: M0250-71C-212-K
Lamp Model: MH250/U ED28  
Full ballast replacement kit w/ lamp, capacitor & mounting hardware
Ballast and Bulb Type: Probe Start Metal Halide
MFR: Howard Industries
Full factory warranty 2 years!
Ballast Works on 120V, 208V, 240V or 277V

Ballast Cross Reference
Howard: M0250-71C-212-K
Universal: M250MLTAC3M-500K, M250MLTAC3M-518K
Advance: 71A5791-001, 71A5791-001D
Venture: V90D6211-K, V90D6211-K
UL Temp Codes equal to or better than the competition
User-Friendly Installation
Color coded wires for ease of installation
Printed labels on the leads
Kit comes with wiring diagram
This is a ballast and bulb replacement kit. The kit does not include a mogul socket. These kits are used to replace both the ballast and lamp in an existing fixture. Or, you can build your own light.