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Howard HFAG2E654 6 Lamp T5 54W Fluorescent Troffer/ MIRO GROW LIGHT

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6-lamp fluorescent T5 Grow Light Kit
Available Voltages: 120V-277V Hard Wire
Program start multi-volt ballast
Comes with hanging kit v-clips and chain

These are very high output fluorescent fixtures and produce little heat.
They may be operated within 4 inches of the plant canopy
The bulbs are a 865 or 6500 Kelvin bulb. This is a full spectrum bulb that is used from the flowering stage up to full vegetative growth of the plant
Energy saving compared to HID lighting. Each fixture uses 324 watts compared to a 400 watt metal halide fixture and just a fraction of the heat.
Computer designed reflectors
Heavy duty prepainted steel construction
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