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6 Lamp T8 32W MIRO HFA1

Original price $123.00 - Original price $123.00
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$123.00 - $123.00
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6-lamp fluorescent high bay fixture
Available Voltages: 120V-277V or 347V-480V
Program start multi-volt ballast
Comes with 2' hanging kit v-clips and chain
A great energy saving alternative to HID fixtures
Great for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, gymnasiums, auditoriums
Lamps not included
Photo cell, motion sensors, wire guards and additional mounting options can be seen in the accessories section

Easy access to wiring compartment and ballast
Energy saving compared to HID lighting
Exceptional color rendering
Instant on/restrike capability
Computer designed reflectors
Designed, tested and built by Howard in Mississippi
Heavy duty prepainted steel construction
Adjust text colors
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Adjust heading colors
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Adjust background colors
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