Crescent 2x4 T8 3-Lamp 18 Cell Parabolic Troffer

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SKU 24D3GS23218DBL3Y
Brand: Crescent
Part Number: 24D3GS33218DBL3Y
Voltage: 120-277V
Ballast: Electronic Instant Start
Length: 48"
Width: 24.00"
Height: 4.375"
Ballast Warranty: 5 Years
2' x 4' Parabolic Troffer
Uses (3) 48" 32W T8 Lamps
Has (18) 3" Deep Cells
Lamps NOT Included 

Anodized aluminum parabolic louvers closely controlled for uniform low-brightness appearance and interlocked to avoid vibration.
Shipped with plastic film to keep out construction dirt.
Housing is constructed for added strength and maximum corrosion resistance.
Black-inside perimeter reveal for "floating door" appearance.