Fulham SNS-120-3432-IS Electronic 3-4 Lamp 120V

by Fulham
SKU SNS-120-3432-IS
Fulham Sinehorse Electronic Sign Ballast
Operation: 3-4 Lamp
Operational Voltage: 120V
MFR: Fulham
Ballast Type: Instant Start
100% Performance Certification Tested
Industrial / Commercial Grade ballast
Ballast Type: Sign Ballast Electronic Fluorescent
Minimum Temp: -30 0C ( -22 0 F )
Case Construction: Painted Steel, White
Manufacturers Warranty: 48 Months
Model Number: SNS-120-1216-IS
Intended Lamp Lengths: 6ft-32ft with 3 or 4 Lamps

Case Dimensions:
L: 14.26 - W: 2.62 - H: 1.82
Green Responsive
Efficient Use of Expendable Resources

Improved Presentation
Flicker-Free Image & Quiet Operation Parallel Wiring Allows Alternative Lamps to Operate if One Fails

Reduced Operating Costs
Improved Lamp-Ballast Efficacy Means Efficient Use of Energy and Lower Operating Cost
Typical 25% - 40% Less Energy Requirement When Compared to Magnetic Type Ballast

Reduced Maintenance Cost
Flicker-Free Performance for Improved Lamp Life
Cooler Operation Means Extended Ballast Life

Our electronic sign ballasts are ideal for fluorescent lighting in indoor or outdoor sign applications.