Keystone KT-LED130HID-V-EX39-850 130W HID Replacement Lamp 5000K

Original Price $225.00
Current Price $193.95
Product Description:
Brand: Keystone
Part Number: KT-LED130HID-V-EX39-850
Wattage: 130W
Power Factor: >0.90
CRI: >80
Base Type: EX39 (Mogul)
Orientation: Vertical
Input Voltage: Ballast Dependent
Lumens: 13,000
Color Temperature: 5000K
Metal Halide Equivalent: 400W
Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 30ºC
5 Year Warranty

Compatible with Existing Magnetic HID Ballast (ANSI Codes: M57/M137/M152)
Plug and Play Installation; No Re-Wiring Required
50,000+ Hour Lifetime (L70); Lasts 2.5x Longer than Standard HID Lamps
Environmentally Friendly: No Mercury Used
Instant Startup
Suitable for Dry and Damp Locations
Frosted Lens Eliminates Glare
Rated for Open or Enclosed Fixtures
Install Only in Vertical, Base-Up Orientation
Lower Wattage Draw Can Extend Lifetime of HID Ballast
When Retrofitted, Existing Fixture Changes from a Lagging (Inductive) Power Factor Source to a Leading (Capacitive) Power Factor Source;
This Change May Help Improve the Building’s Overall Electrical Power Factor
Does Not Work on Reactor or Electronic Ballasts
Suitable for Use in Fully Enclosed Fixture