Nora Lighting NHR-504Q 5" Non-IC Remodel Housing with Quick Connect

by Nora
Brand: Nora Lighting
Part Number: NHR-504Q
Trim and light bulb sold separately
3" from thermal insulation, 1/2" from adjacent building components
Ceiling thickness varies from 3/8"-1-1/4"
Socket clips directly to back of trim for perfect 90 degrees vertical alignment of lamp socket. One or two socket height positions on trim allows optimal light control and output
High tension tempered steel springs secure remodel housings evenly to ceiling; hole cutout template provided for convenience.
Contains seven 1/2" knockouts and four ROMEX® pryouts with strain relief
Quick connector provided
Dimensions: 1 x 75W A19 / 50W R/PAR20 / 75W R/PAR30