Plantmax PX-MH600/7200 600 Watt Metal Halide Conversion Grow Lamp

SKU PX-MH600/7200
The Plantmax PX-MS600/7200 Metal Halide Conversion grow lamp brings convenience and flexibility to your grow fixture. You can use the same high pressure sodium ballast with this metal halide lamp without having to retrofit to a switchable ballast. This conversion grow lamp operates at 600 watts with a long life of 10,000 life hours .
Brand: Plantmax
Part Number: PX-MH600/7200
Metal Halide Shape: T18
Metal Halide Base: Mogul (E39)
ANSI Code: S106
Color Temperature: 7200K
Initial Lumens: 58,000
Warranty: 1 Year
Life Hours: 10,000
Dimensions: Length: 12.25"
Diameter: 3 in.