SLR-9-LENS 19" tempered glass lens,hinged clamp band for SLR-9 reflectors

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SLR-9-LENS 19" tempered glass lens and hinged clamp band for 19 inch SLR-9 reflectors Gasket Assembly (Screw Closure)

Die Cast Aluminum housing with Bronze finish, suitable for yoke  mount or cross arm
mounting. Specify Factory Installed Option “B” for preinstalled cross arm bolt (also used
for accessory SLPTM). Bolt is galvanized 5/8”-11 with exposed bolt length of 1.5”.
Suitable for Wet locations.
Die cast aluminum socket housing with vertical aiming scale.
Optical chamber is sealed to inhibit contaminants.
UL Listed porcelain mogul socket (1500W, 600V, 5kv pulse rated).
Suitable for -30C MH / -40C HPS.
Max weight (1500W) 49 lbs.