SUPPLY-044 Medium 8ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box

Brand: Veolia 
Description: UN rated and dot approved recycling container, internal structural tube, 6 mil vapor barrier liner, liner tie, velcro closures, instructions, terms and conditions, prepaid return shipping label, proof of purchase with serial numbe, online certificates of recycling.
Capacity: 16 T12 or 39 T8 8ft Straight Lamps
Container size: 6"x6"x96"
UN Rating: 4g/y15.5/s/10* usa/ br7077

Recycling company- Veolia Environmental Services
Box holds as many compacts that you can fit.
Price includes box, poly liner, instructions, pre-paid shipping label
You only pay for the boxes to be shipped to you
1) Order boxes
2) Fill box with lamps
4) Seal and complete pre-paid shipping label
5) Call FedEx for pick up
Great for hospitals, property management companies, contractors, hotels, schools, maintenance companies
Most states now require the recycling of Mercury containing lamps
Not available in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico